© Georges Starckmann, Artiste Plasticien

One night in Paris, in the St. Gervais part, a local man noticed that his shadow no longer accompanied him. He couldn’t see his shadow on the wall when he passed the lantern hanging above number two on St. Gervais square.

He was overwhelmed. Something was missing. He had become the shadow of himself.

A stranger had stolen his shadow!

He didn’t dare tell his friends.

He finally told his neighbours about this
They shared the same worried state for.

They too could no longer see
their shadow which normally
accompanied them every evening
in the light of the lantern or
the moon disappeared, vanished.

There was a stealer of shadows
in the St. Gervais quarter.
© Georges Starckmann, Artiste Plasticien


Texts and photos © Georges Starckmann

© Michel Kisinis

The Shadow Thief

The story of a man who stole shadows that trailed
along the walls of the St. Gervais area.

Georges Starckmann, Artiste Plasticien - Peintre - Sculpteur