© Michel Kisinis

© Georges Starckmann, Artiste Plasticien

In truth, a mysterious character, stole shadows from passers-by, from french citizens to make a chinese shadow theatre.

The man stole shadows as they moved along pavements or walls and when the lamplight drew them on the walls of St. Gervais church. Their souls were shaken to have lost their shadow.

He stole their shadows to make a show, he put them to work in a shadow theatre which he called “Chinese Shadows” to make it sound good.

© Georges Starckmann, Artiste Plasticien

He made them keep to the music, on a white sheet while telling a story to entertain his cabaret clients hence to make money.

These unfortunate shadows worked every night like prisoners.

The dispossessed citizens didn’t dare confess this to the priest of the St. Gervais church.

Some lost sleep or felt lonely without their shadow to follow them wherever they went, their lives were in torment, their hair fell out. Nasty spots appeared on their faces.

For each and everyone, our shadow which follows us everywhere never leaves us and often within our shadowlies our guardian angel just to be near us.


Texts and photos © Georges Starckmann

The Shadow Thief

The story of a man who stole shadows that trailed
along the walls of the St. Gervais area

Georges Starckmann, Artiste Plasticien - Peintre - Sculpteur